Tuesday, September 27, 2005


How we look from there

The Australian news media not only notices but is willing to criticize the overblown and inaccurate coverage that American news media gave to Katrina. The 10,000 death estimate, the incorrect reports of wide-scale murder and rape in the superdome (sixdeaths - four natural causes, one suicide and one overdose; no rapes). Want an accurate picture of America? Read an Australian newspaper.

Did you know that 1600 leftover Vietnamese boat people living in the Phillippines, but never granted permanent residence there, are on there way to permanent settlement in the US? No, you'd have to read a Taiwanese newspaper to learn that about your own country (my apologies to non-US readers - I'm complaining about US news media here, as you can see).

You can walk into a showroom in Budapest and buy a cadillac or a corvette now, and apparently so can some well-enough heeled Hungarians. "As American as apple pie," says the car dealer. Read much coverage on sales of US goods overseas lately, especially in newly free and increasingly prosperous nations?


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