Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today's Globe Trot

Oh. Islamic terrorists are walking up to army regulars and surrendering in India. These are Jammu and Kashmir islamic terrorists but terrorists none the less. Well, no good news is news.

Sanyo is restructuring, shutting down factories and focussing its business. Why does a relentlessly sunny blogger list this? Because the preservation of "Zombie" companies has been Japan's biggest problem for fifteen years. Banks, to hide their bad loans, would just keep doubling down with the governmetn's tacit approval. So in nothing-is-what-it-seems Japan this is good news. Hopping on the capitalist creative destruction bandwagon.

The Polish right won big in an election that, if they had lost, would have made the news in the US, I'll wager, with the papers and news shows calling it a repudiation of Poland's stalwart support of America in Iraq. In fact this looks more like an endorsement.

Enough politics and economics. The Taiwanese wonder, um, wonderingly at the willingness of Japanese to wait in line. An example of how manners as well as peace and economic growth can spread in and between open socieities.


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